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******LAKE EYRE SCENIC FLIGHTS 2014 SPECIAL OFFER: ** "The 50th Anniversary Donald Campbell Lake Eyre Flights!"

WRIGHTSAIR OFFERS flights over the Land speed section of Lake Eyre where Donald Campbell set the land speed record back in 1964 in his famous car "The Bluebird." This world historic event, occurred on July 17th 1964 when Donald Campbell reached a record speed of 403.10 mph (648.73 kmh). To mark this 50th Anniversary occassion, Wrightsair offers flights from William Creek, S.A. over this land speed section of Lake Eyre.

WRIGHTSAIR is a division of Freycinet Air and  has been operating scenic  & charter flights from William Creek, the nearest settlement to Lake Eyre, (Kati Thanda) Australia, since 1992. It specialises in flights over the world famous Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda) and the spectacular Anna Creek Painted Hills. 

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Donald Campbell And Pipe With Bluebird3

(Above) British racing driver Donald Campbell with his car, Bluebird. His attempts to beak the land speed record on Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda) were initially foiled by heavy rain postponing his run until the following year, when he set the record. In the photo above you will notice the blue line that Donald Campbell used to guide him as he speed along Lake Eyre. * The above photo of Donald Campbell has copyright approval from Motoring Picture Library, National Motor Museum, UK.  Find out about the our history, our flight departure points at William Creek, Marree & Coober Pedy and explore the range of spectacular scenic flight and accommodation options on offer.

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